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Advanced Protection Solution Using Microsoft Defender For Endpoint From Microsoft To Also Comply With Gdpr

I recommend storing your backups on multiple locations, like on an external hard drive and a fix dll error cloud storage service (e.g., OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Also, Windows Defender still scans everything like an antivirus from the ’90s, and this can cause slow down, and make full system scans take a long time. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Download Missing Dll Files From External Websites

I get the error “rtlsdr_demod_write_reg failed with -9” on command line based software like rtl_fm, rtl_test, the bias tee software etc. This is probably because you did not unzip the files and you are trying to run install-rtlsdr.bat from within the zip file. Remember to extract the files first, before running them. Another thing to […]